About the Site

This site, like most of us, went through several awkward stages of growing up. It started as a lifestyle blog, before I quickly realized my idea of inviting people into my home involved either binge-watching reruns of The Vampire Diaries or red solo cups and hotdogs in the backyard.

Several years and many months of therapy later. I began to think about what really impacted my life and what I might be able to say that would resonate with others. I landed on the many scars and red-dirt beauty of growing up in the Bible Belt.

So, here I am sharing the good, the bad, and the really religious of growing up in the South — and how I’ve managed to heal and move on.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Meg and I’m mostly a content manager. I live in Santa Cruz, California with my husband, two kids, and two pups, but I spent 23 years living in Oklahoma. I love reading Gothic novels, cookbooks, and the Friday New York Times. When I’m not typing away at my day job, you can find me burning things in my kitchen, killing things in my garden, and spinning the latest Celine Dion vinyl.

I am so glad you’re here, and I hope something on this site brings you peace or lets you know you’re not alone.

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